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Chapter Application is open three times a year:

  • Aug 15 - Aug 22

  • Oct 10 - Oct 17

  • 2019 dates coming soon


Individuals may join an ICC Chapter during these same windows and must agree to the Membership Terms & Agreement.

Individual membership is not prorated.



  • Each Chapter must be sponsored by an adult (at least 25 years old), referred to as the Chapter Sponsor, that commits to serve one year of service.

  • Chapters equal to twenty (20) or more eligible students will appoint at least one eligible adult as an Assistant Sponsor. In the event the Sponsor is no longer able to serve as sponsor, the Assistant Sponsor will assume those responsibilities. Therefore, spouses can not serve as Assistant Sponsors. Please do NOT add your spouse as an Assistant Sponsor for your Chapter.

  • A chapter must have a minimum of seven (7) eligible students from at least three (3) families.

  • An eligible student must be ages 6 through 18.

  • All adult chapter members and students ages 14 years and older must be in agreement with the ICC Statement of Faith.

  • Prospective Sponsors and Assistant Sponsors

    • must have attended an ICC training event within the last twelve months with a student 11 years or older, or

    • attend an ICC training event with a student 11yrs or older within 30 days, or

    • Or have been a chapter member-adult in a chapter in the previous year, or

    • completed the ICC101 online Academy course or Coaching with Success.


  • Chapter participants will commit to present on a minimum of non-competitive community speaking platforms* in addition to the Chapter Presentation.

    • Members age 6 to 10 commit to present on at least two (2) community speaking platforms between May 16 -  May 15.

    • Members ages 11 to 18 commit to present on at least four (4) community speaking platforms between May 16 -  May 15.

  • Chapters will commit to present a Chapter Presentation by May 15


*A platform will count as one where the major activity is public speaking in the community. It takes place in a non-competitive setting and does not involve personal remuneration for the activity. These guidelines apply to individual speaking goals as well as to the Chapter Presentation.


Note: Prospective Sponsors must complete their portion of the application process within 30 days of the initial filing. Incomplete applications after 30 days will expire without refund.



  1. Read Chapter Eligibility and Requirements above to make sure you have met them.

  2. Contact your Area Coordinator to set up an interview.

  3. Upon review, you will receive a link to the online Chapter Application and the form to receive an ICC email account.

  4. Use your ICC email account and complete the application form.

  5. Submit the nonrefundable $197 application fee and the $35 background check(US/NZ only). We are required to use our agency for background checks in order to provide the highest confidence of security for our students.  

  6. Chapter members will purchase membership and be placed in the chapter,, using the chapter number.

  7. You will receive a chapter number when you have met the minimum members for the chapter.


Non-refundable Application Fee


Background Check (USA/NZ only)


Non-refundable Application Fees:
(These are administrative fees and do not include curriculum or other teaching resources.)

  • $197 application fee to be received before application is processed.

  • $35 fee for a background check (USA/NZ only). Be sure to complete the Background Check form and submit as instructed.

Fees may be collected from participating families as part of a local Chapter fee. These annual fees can be used for paying Chapter enrollment fees, admin expenses, Sponsor training and scholars for members to attend ICC events or other Chapter activities.


Member Fees 


Find information about our packages and tuition by clicking this link:


Member Options

For information and help with new chapters, contact:

Department of Planning & Programming

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