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Chapter Leadership
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Chapter Student Leadership Roles


Student Leadership:  Reach the peak of your potential! Find a role that stretches your skills as a leader!


Eligibility Requirements


  • 14 years old or older, having completed YSG1


  • 13 years old, having completed YSG2

  • Attendance at an ICC training event in the last 12 months

  • Agreement with ICC Statement of Faith
  • Regularly attend YSG connection calls



Community Ambassador


The Community Ambassador represents the chapter to the local community, establishing contacts, planning events, and assisting students in gaining platforms.


Responsibilities may Include:

  • Contacting community leaders to plan venues
  • Following up with community leaders after group presentations
  • Designing, writing, and sending thank you notes on behalf of the chapter
  • Sharing suggestions with chapter members on how to find platforms and contact community leaders
  • Brainstorming new ways to engage the community
  • Regularly attend YSG connection calls and quarterly international Student Leader calls
  • Regularly attend YSG connection calls and quarterly international Student Leader calls 


  • To view yourself as a constant representative of Christ
  • To approach adults confidently through in-person, email, and phone communication
  • To succinctly and clearly express the basic details and purpose of your chapter
  • To expand your perspective on building connections with the community
  • To show appreciation to venues that have hosted your chapter 


Chapter Correspondent


The Chapter Correspondent is dedicated to networking with other Chapters, and ensuring that correspondence is sent to keep the local Chapter up-to-date.


Responsibilities may include:

  • Emailing chapter members dates and times of meetings and community venues
  • Sharing concerns and questions from members of your chapter with other Student Leaders through email and Facebook
  • Planning events with nearby chapters, such as group venues, Student Leadership training sessions, or Model UN gatherings
  • Regularly attend YSG connection calls and quarterly international Student Leader calls


  • To meet, encourage, and mentor other Student Leaders
  • To give your chapter a sense of the larger community of ICC
  • To converse and plan with others through online means


Chapter Chair


The Chapter Chair plans and facilitates the chapter's meetings with the guidance of the Chapter Sponsor, and helps to keep members connected to the activities of the chapter.


Responsibilities may Include:

  • Planning activities, teaching, and break-out groups with the Chapter Sponsor
  • Creating a schedule for devotions
  • Opening and closing meetings
  • Delivering announcements to the chapter
  • Keeping track of time during meetings
  • Brainstorming with the Chapter Sponsor about the direction and focus of the chapter's teaching
  • Emceeing at group presentations
  • Answering questions chapter members may have about details such as homework and upcoming meetings
  • Regularly attend YSG connection calls and quarterly international Student Leader calls
  • To create agendas and plan sessions that fulfill a desired purpose
  • To receive guidance and ideas while also lending your insight
  • To lead a group of peers in a way they want to follow
  • To make information engaging and memorable
  • To convey vision and impart skills to others


Media Coordinator/Historian


The Media Coordinator/Historian documents and publicizes the chapter's activities, using media such as photography, display boards, blogs, fliers, and other forms of social media.


Responsibilities May Include:

  • Taking photographs at venues chapter members attend as a group
  • Designing a display board to share at conferences, conventions, or open houses
  • Preparing an informational pamphlet to distribute at community venues
  • Creating and updating a blog with chapter activities, photographs, updates, and stories
  • Posting photos on Facebook or Picasa for chapter members to access for their portfolios
  • Regularly attend YSG connection calls and quarterly international Student Leader calls


  • To harness media to create a presence in the community
  • To communicate the chapter's identity through graphics and displays
  • To spread interest in the activities and vision of chapter through online platforms
  • To create a visual history of the chapter's activities


Chapter Mentor


Chapter Mentors provide advice, experience, and guidance to the Student Leaders to help them to grow. They may also support the Chapter Sponsor and help facilitate the Chapter Presentation.

Maximum of two per chapter; 1-year commitment



  • Previous Student Leader for minimum of one year
  • Regularly attends SL conference calls
  • 16 years old & YSG 2 completed  OR 15 years old and Guild Inductee
  • Served as Apprentice and attended one international event (within past 12 months) 

Responsibilities May Include:

  • Coordinate Chapter Presentation with Chapter Sponsor and Assistant Sponsor
  • Filling out Script Critiques for students working through YSG
  • Providing guidance and assistance to the team of Student Leaders
  • Developing workshops and sessions to coach Student Leaders
  • Assisting Chapter Sponsor and Assistant Sponsor in deciding the direction of the chapter
  • Planning special events such as Student Leader get-togethers
  • Mentoring and encouraging students preparing for Induction
  • Pursuing scholarship opportunities for chapter members
  • Regularly attend YSG connection calls and quarterly international Student Leader calls


  • To apply your experiences to help others grow
  • To provide meaningful coaching for not just communication, but leadership
  • To collaborate with adults in leadership
  • To build unity among the Student Leaders

 *Student Leadership opportunities require being a chapter member in good standing 


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