Frequently-Asked Questions IGNITE 2018
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Q. Do I need to be a Chapter member to register for IGNITE?

A. Not at all! We’re excited for all who are interested to attend IGNITE!

Q. What is a chaperone responsible for during the event?

  1. Before the event, parents and chaperons should be familiar with the Liability Waiver found on the event registration, noting that ICC views the chaperone as the parent’s representative and fully responsible to address any issue pertaining to the student's needs and behaviors in the parent's absence. The chaperone and parents should discuss chaperone responsibilities and determine the best way to address them during the event. Parents may adapt a parental consent form (found on the web) for their own needs if they feel something written is required beyond the conversation. ICC does not require any written documentation.



Event details

Q. When do I need to arrive at IGNITE?

A. Plan to arrive at IGNITE between 4 and 6 PM on Thursday, January 11. You'll be able to check in then. Retreat activities will begin at 6 PM.

The address for the retreat center is:     

          Cedine Ministries

          333 Cedine Camp Road

          Spring City, TN 37381

The event will end at 11 am on Monday, January 15.

Cedine is located in the Eastern Time Zone.

Q.  What airport should I fly into/out of?

A.   The closest airport is Chattanooga, TN. ICC does not provide shuttle service from or to the airports. However, there is the possibility of a commercial shuttle for a fee. Please email for more info. Once at IGNITE there is no need for a vehicl

Chattanooga is also in the Eastern Time Zone.

Q.  What do I wear?

 A.  At IGNITE, we will be in a camp environment. Casual, safe, and comfortable are key, so please bring warm clothes and shoes appropriate for ice, snow, rain, mud, etc. as the weather can be unpredictable during outdoor activities. (The main building is kept warm so dressing in layers may be helpful.) We will be hosting the first ICCFS tournament of the year, so bring Smart Casual attire for that day's events. Saturday night will be Christmas around the World.  Special events like the Ladies Luncheon and the Men's Muncheon have themes on Sunday! And of course, we will all be wearing IGNITE t-shirts on Monday, which you’ll receive onsite.

  Remember that the majority of communication is non-verbal, and the way we dress can be used to communicate a message. ICC encourages students to consider appropriateness to the situation and respect.

Q. What should I bring?

A.  Be sure to bring a notebook, pens/pencils, sticky notes, anything else you'd like for taking notes. Linens will not be provided in the cabins at Cedine so be sure to bring bedding (for a twin), pillow, towel and a Bible.  Don’t forget toiletries.


Q. Is there preparation before I get to IGNITE?

A. You will need to have all of your tournament speeches prepared and script submission documents ready to submit upon arrival.

Q. I registered as a Coach. What will I be doing?

  1. We call parents "coaches," since they are the ones serving that purpose first and foremost. As a Coach, you will take part in discussions, workshops and special time to connect with other coaches. Everything is geared to help you take home everything you learned at IGNITE. There will be time spent covering:

    • The ICC philosophy of communication training

    • What it means to be a mentor and leader

    • The importance of developing competence and character

    • Community building

    • Resources for training communicators

    • And Coach Cafe!


IGNITE Tournament Information can be found here:  IGNITE Tournament FAQ

Q. Does my student have to participate in the tournament?

A. Yes. Students are required to prepare and participate in speeches and Round Table exercise. Please visit the link above for details based on your level of experience. You can learn more about each event here. Recommended Staff Assistants (RSAs) and Prospective Interns (PIs) must also compete in the tournament.

Q. Where can I find out about each of the speech events listed on the registration page?

A. Click on the title of the events listed here to find descriptions, rules, and ballots for each.

Q. I’m not a Chapter Member. What should I sign up for?

  1. If you are not in an ICC Chapter, we are so glad you are joining us. You will take part in the non-qualifying track of the tournament.    

    •                Impromptu is responding to questions with limited preparation.

    •                Storytelling is simply retelling a story that is only 5 minutes long.

    •                Platform is a speech on any topic that interests you and is only 5 minutes long.

    •                Finally, you will participate in the Training Track. No preparations are needed. Just come with                 a notebook and a smile.

        Contact if you need help or have questions.


Q. What kind of housing is provided at the IGNITE Winter Advance?

  1. Registration for IGNITE is all-inclusive, meaning that housing is provided for all attendees. You will be housed in the retreat center’s beautiful, completely modern cabins. There will be 8 – 9 people per cabin, with at least one parent or coach. Each cabin has its own bathroom with three showers and four sinks. There are two cabins per building.

Q. I am a Coach. Where will we be staying?

A. Coaches will stay in the cabins with the students. One of the major focuses of IGNITE is community and in order to best build community at this event, we will be housing Coaches and students together in the cabins. In addition, Cedine Retreat Center requires that we have adults in every cabin.

Q. Some of my friends/chapter members are attending. Can I stay with them?

A. You may email your requests to  We have limited ability but will see what we can do to accommodate you.

Q. Will my family be housed in separate cabins?

A. Yes. Unless specifically requested we will not house families together. The Ignite conference activities are geared to reflect the community that will be fostered in this setting. Cabin time contributes to the larger community-building that is a feature of the Retreat.

Q. I have a unique family situation. Can you accommodate me?

A. If your family has special needs and/or questions, please feel free to email them to and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Q. Do we need to bring linens for the beds?

A. Yes. Be sure to bring linens/sleeping bag, pillow and towel. Beds are twin size. Don’t forget to bring your toiletries and your Bible! If bringing bedding is a real hardship, let us know and we will do our best to find some for you for the duration of the event.

If you're staying in the hotel, linens and towels are provided for you.




Q: I have special dietary needs. Can I bring all my own food?

A: You are welcome to bring your own food, provided you have a way to store it. Keep in mind that for 2018 we are providing a Gluten-Friendly option for a minimal fee. You can find a tentative menu here.

Q: If I don’t eat the food at the retreat, can I receive a discount?

A: The Retreat Center has provided accommodations for a package price. We are not able to offer discounts for those choosing not to eat the meals provided.

Q. What meals are included in my registration?

A. Meals from Thursday dinner through Monday breakfast are included in your registration.


Q. What about lunch on Monday, January 15, after the Closing Program?

A. Lunch is provided on Monday, January 15 for leaders who stay to reset the facility:

RSAs, Global Leaders, Staffing Interns, Area Coordinators, and Area Leaders

It's also provided for anyone who purchased, for $60, the Early Arrival ticket and arrived Wednesday, January 10.  If you will be staying and need a lunch, and you're not one of the staff, you may purchase a lunch from the Online Store by clicking HERE.

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